Helping Firefighters Heal

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Helping Firefighters Heal Fund

Fire Departments Adopt Homeless Firefighters
Displaced by Devastating September Wildfires

Fire Family Foundation, Oakland Firefighters Random Acts
Create Unique Partnership to Help 33 Firefighters Who Lost Homes;
Public Can Help Support Firefighters in Need

Firefighters who lost their homes while fighting fires to save the homes of others tell their stories of loss to some Firefighters from other fire departments who want to help them to rebuild and recover.

Firefighters who lost their homes while fighting September wildfires tell their stories of loss at a press conference to some Firefighters from other fire departments who want to help them to rebuild and heal.

Watch this 15-minute video from the October 16th Press Conference.

Four Firefighters tell their personal stories of losing their own homes
while fighting wildfires and trying to save the homes of others.

Helping Firefighters Who Lost Homes in Wildfires

While they were out fighting the devastating wild land fires in Northern California, 33 Firefighters returned to find their own homes gone, destroyed by the Valley Fire, Middletown Fire, Jerusalem Fire, Butte Fire and many more.

Now fire charities and fire departments are coming to the aid of these homeless Firefighters in a unique, creative and unprecedented way.

Fire Family Foundation is partnering with Oakland Firefighters Random Acts to connect 33 fire departments to the 33 Firefighters who lost their homes.  The Foundation is providing $1,000 initial money to each participating fire department (a total of $33,000).  After learning their adopted Firefighter’s immediate short term needs, fire departments will create a list, shop and deliver necessary items.  The overall process encourages fire department members to take on the role of Big Brother and Big Sister to their fellow Firefighters in need.

“These 33 Firefighters lost their homes while simply out doing their job, to protect the homes of others,” says Larry Hendricks, Executive Director, Oakland Firefighters Random Acts. “We are asking both the Firefighters of other departments and the community as a whole, to thank our Firefighters by supporting Helping Firefighters Heal Fund with a donation.  Before the ashes go cold, they need a helping hand.”

“We are starting with $33,000 to help these Firefighters,” explains Robin McCarthy, Executive Director, Fire Family Foundation. “The Foundation recently raised funds for the residents of Middletown and surrounding communities, pledging 100% of those funds for fire victims.  But now it’s our Firefighters who need help.  Helping Firefighters Heal offers a unique opportunity to thank those people who give so much of their lives to saving others and others things.  Lend a hand to someone who answers the call so often.  And all gifts are tax deductible.”

Mike Mastro, Chair of Fire Family Foundation and CEO/President of Firefighters First Credit Union, states, “Fire Family Foundation, our charitable hand of Firefighters First Credit Union, has challenged our more than 32,000 members to come to the aid of their fellow Firefighters. The Foundation pledges that 100% of the donations will be directed to the 33 Firefighters in need.”

Fire Family Foundation responds when tragedy affects firefighters and fire victims. A nonprofit founded by Firefighters First Credit Union, Fire Family Foundation offers immediate assistance to firefighters and their families, fire victims, fire departments, and charities. The Foundation believes that by coming together as a “Fire Family,” assistance can be provided to those impacted by fire. For more info, go to:

Oakland Firefighters Random Acts is a nonprofit organization that provides a central location where Oakland Firefighters can request funds and resources to help people in need in the community and on after 911 emergency calls. OFRA’s mission statement is “Creating a positive difference in the lives of individuals through Random Acts of Kindness”. OFRA’s motto is “No Egos, No Badges, No Resume Builders”. There are no paid positions. Everyone involved serves voluntarily and from their hearts. For more info, go to:

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