International Community

DSC00255 - CopySince day one a wonderful man named Gerry Wilson has been a volunteer with a lot of talent.  His company Take-2 Video has donated video services for just about everything we have recorded.  In December 2006, he shared with us a commercial he created for a charity called Hope Clinic International (web link), a non-profit out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  They do missions to Nicaragua to set up clinics with doctors, nurses and surgeons to help the children.  It was incredibly touching. 

We thought, what if some OFD members would want to go and join them.  Well, in three days we had enough volunteers for the next mission.  We partnered with Hope Clinic, and the Firefighters that went and experienced helping the children and the Bomberos of Nicaragua have some incredible memories.  Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere.  After staring into the eyes of a thousand children at clinics in Jinotega and Esteli we all have a better understanding of the world.  So far, we have done three missions.  The people of Nicaragua will give you half of what they don’t have and are so grateful for anything you do for them.  We want to thank journalist and reporter, Noel Cisneros, who came with us.  She said it was the highlight of her journalistic career.  Please Enjoy the videos and photos from our time in Nicaragua. 

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