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Oakland Firefighters Random Acts’ interaction with the national community began in 2003 with an invitation to give a presentation to the Federation of Fire Chaplains Conference in Emeryville, California, bordering Oakland.  The FFC conference was attended by 200 fire chaplains from across the country and provided a great opportunity to introduce and share the Random Acts program with other fire departments.  What was not expected was that our initial Random Acts presentation would FFC Logo V2abe received with a standing ovation and an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response by the fire chaplains requesting copies of our video to share with their fire departments back home.  Through the Federation of Fire Chaplains, more presentations of the Oakland Firefighters Random Acts program were made in New York, Washington DC, Louisville KY, Oklahoma City OK, St. Joseph, MO, and Vancouver BC, Canada.

What followed the presentations were Random Acts programs starting in other fire departments including Albuquerque, NM, Hillsboro OR, Bedford OH, and Bullhead City AZ that we know of.  We welcome the duplication of the Random Acts program.  Every time another program is started, another whole community is served and benefits from Random Acts of Kindness.  If your fire department is interested in starting a Random Acts program, click on ‘Start Your Own’ or ‘Contact Us’.

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